AMC Engine Pack 1.1

By | December 10, 2009

This is a pack of Engines designed to work together for the music app CellsDS, a Monome-style customizable sequencer/controller with multiple layers possible of interaction for the Nintendo DS where engines are coded in the language, Lua. For more information on CellsDS and other DS music apps by the same developer, visit

It includes my Step Sequencer v2, Block Mixer v1, and an enhanced version of the original Bouncer script. It also includes a Template snapshot which will added 3 Step Seqs, 1 Bouncer, and 1 Block mixer.

Key features of Step Sequencer v2:

  • Scale selection. Uses the same preset scales as found on Korg products like the DS-10 and Kaossilator.
  • Octave ranges
  • Copy and Paste between Blocks (aka patterns) of the same engine
  • Active display of data, including Sample #, Volume, Scale, Octave, current Note Freq. etc.,
  • Snapshot saving/restore of all parameters and notes
  • Various minor improvements and integration with Block Mixer

The Block mixer is a simple 8 Block selector that also lets you do volume fades. The fader/block handles are 2 blocks wide. The Volume settings on amc_block_mixer.lua will only work with these 3 scripts, if you use other scripts with this block selector it will still work, but there will be no volume control.

The Bouncer script (by Bret, developer of CellsDS) has been updated with the Scales, Volume, and Octave selections and Display updates.

Many thanks to Bret for the and demo scripts (CellsDS has great documentation, btw), and the GlitchDS community for additional support.

Note: I completed this last winter, but since then various changes and alternatve versions have popped up, including a MIDI version (works wirelessly with DSMI, the opensource wireless midi library for iPhone, DS, etc.) which can be found @ scripting section of the CellsDS forums, but you’ll have to dig through the spam posts.  Sooner or later I’ll post them here.

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  1. t

    so I’m years late to the party here (an eternity in internet time), but I started using cellsDS recently and these extra scripts are most excellent, thank you. the scaling is especially nice. a question (if you’re still out there) – do you have a build of the step sequencer v2 as pictured in the screengrab? the one I downloaded at the link above omits the “loop mode” options. any other scripts (as the cellsDS forums seem to have vanished from the internet) would be most appreciated if you have them. if you don’t, thanks for the great customizations, cheers!

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