Don’t get stuck in a lazytrap. 

What is a lazytrap? Internet. TV. Video gaming. Letting the The Mundanity of your day-job kill your motivations, a lack of moderation, .. and so on. In short, allowing work, past-time sins and pleasures to consume more of your time than it should, keeping you from your ultimate personal goals. In my regard, the goal is the creation or dissection of any mediums that have a hold of me. This site, although the ambitions for it are just shy of personal use, is a place to share some news, development and multimedia that like minded people may find useful. The topics covered are scripting/programming, music software, music software development, music technology/hardware, some general news that interests me, and the occassional music or video creation. My primary interest is the facilitation and creation of sound and song.

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Typical quote of the moment:

The true method of knowledge is experiment.
William Blake, All Religions are One (1788)

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