Schmorgisborg. Work. Admin. Software. QA. Hack. Programming. Music. Graphics. Testing. Windows. Linux. Cisco. Audio Gear. Whatever.

Digital Notepad. Random cool shit I do or obscure random things I’ve fixed, broke, hacked, programmed, and documented. Hopefully the fixes will help someone. Hopefully the music, software, or programming will inspire someone.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. xf

    Any chance of getting those Highlife files again? Is there a reason you took them down? They are BSD License so its legal to distribute them.

  2. aaron m. Post author

    The BSD versions I can post back online, I just haven’t yet. The page hasn’t been deleted just disabled. I got a DCMA request via Disco DSP’s George Reales (aka ‘DJ Laser’ aka biggest douche bag in all of music dsp land) and rather than edit the page and dispute things, because im lazy and couldnt be bothered, I took it down. Keep meaning to fix it, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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