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Processing – step sequencer

Skeleton of a (very basic) step sequencer written in Processing. BPM and threading not implemented yet. Left-click to add/remove triggers, Right-click to start/stop loop. Continue for code..

Transparent Statusbar for Android (Cyanogenmod 7.0.3) MDPI (updated 6/30/11)

Description: I went through alot of trouble figuring out this stupid little theme hack. I am using Cyanogenmod 7.0.3 on a Nook Color, so it uses a “MDPI” framework for its theme. Turns out there are close to 5 million threads on the subject and 99% of them are worthless. After 3 days of googling and… Read More »

Python ‘Machine Info’ script

Download Found this on my harddrive recently from an old project, example provided to me by Ed some time ago… Better posted here than lost or squandered. To explain, it’s a relatively simple python script that you can run against your Buzz gear directories and a list of all machines in the directory is given and… Read More »