Android – Processing

Nice, another excuse to use Processing again.. The primary goal of this project is to make it foolishly easy to create Android apps using the Processing API. Once you have Processing on your machine (and the Android developer tools), you can simply write a line of code, hit Run (Ctrl-R or Cmd-R), and have your… Read More »

Korg Monotribe

Korg announced the new Monotribe at Musikmesse this year.  A simplified Electribe with the popular MS-20 filter clone and fully analogue 1-OSC synth (rebirthed first by the Monotron) + drums. Some details were leaked just days prior (semi-interestingly, leaks that seemed engineered by Korg) and then after release some basic specs and videos were made available. However, due… Read More »

XML Compare, freeware

Don’t bother looking for a freeware XML Diff or compare tool. Just use Notepad++, you should already have it anyways. One of the plugins it comes with by default is Compare. Green rows show diffs (look for unbolded text to find values or attributes that don’t match), red rows show entirely different formatting and values… Read More »

Korg DS-10 Save tool

KidQuaalude @ EM411 has posted a new tool for exporting and importing pattern/song and instrument data from DS-10, DS-10+ .sav files. Hi Folks, This will only be of interest to those of you who have a DS, either ‘Korg DS10’ or ‘Korg DS10 plus’, a PC and a way of getting your DS10 save files… Read More »

Korg ESX-1 1.5a “chip” Fuse repair

Had to repair my ESX-1 today. I went to turn it on this morning and it would not power up. The symptoms are: Unit turns on; Yellow back light comes on; No text on the display; No Led lights. When you turn it back off the LCD’s Back-light turns off very slowly after you press… Read More »

[BLOK] Polyphonic VU

It’s a novel idea and not nearly the coolest thing about [BLOK],.. but a pretty unique and cool looking one. Made a little video of it:

Obo matrix sequencer, standalone

The Stretta Procedure released a clone of the simple Tonematrix Flash synth that he has dubbed ‘obo’, which itself is a clone of hardware devices like the Monome/Tenori-on. It’s a simple matrix sequencer with a built in synthesizer, but Stretta has also added MIDI out/sync/scaling to it. Unfortunately it’s only for Mac/OSX as a standalone app,… Read More »