Pitchback VST

Pitchback. A VST I made in 2005. A simplified 3 control pitch-shifter created with delay buffers & feedback. Pitch, tweak, scratch. There are others.. I might dig them up. http://lazytrap.com/files/stumm_pitchback.zip

Add AD module in Powershell for Windows 7 and Windows 10

Just some links and walk-throughs I’ve needed to use several times over the years and always forget. How to add Active Directory module in PowerShell in Windows 7 Install the Active Directory PowerShell Module on Windows 10 (article) Install the Active Directory PowerShell Module on Windows 10 (script download)

Site restoration and move

Site has slowly been restored from archive.org mirrors and some old db backups. All file links should still work. This place is really just a scratch pad for myself, some experiments, art, work stuff and a place to jot down to my solutions to issues I didn’t find elsewhere – but – many posts became… Read More »

Clearing the Offline cache / Windows CSC directory

Offline cache/sync can become corrupted or otherwise a horrible mess. Sometimes starting over is the best or only option. Create an empty, temporary directoryy. Such as c:\emptycsc run CMD as administrator robocopy c:\emptycsc c:\windows\csc\v2.0.6\cache /mir Alternatively, if looking to wipe _everything_ ; robocopy c:\emptycsc c:\windows\csc\v2.0.6\namespace /mir Notes: You won’t be able to use tab completion in… Read More »