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Status Solutions’s Sara System + IPSession’s IPCelerate – delayed phone/message notifications

I currently work for a company that runs Senior Living, Memcare, etc. type facilities. At some of these locations Sara is used for Pendant alerts, roam tags, wander gaurd, door, pull chain, etc. type alerts and notifications for the residents. One of the main features is a phone messaging system that texts the alerts to… Read More »

Barracuda Failed to open backup # for reading

Barracuda, System: Recovery 813, version: 8.2.0-6.201509121625 Problem: Archive Job reports failure, Failed to open backup #(######) for reading. Example: 188495|SERVERNAME   VMwareFull   09-10-16 02:35  54330MB  Failed to open backup #188495 for reading 188766|SERVERNAME   VMwareIncr   09-10-16 21:13  19059MB  Failed to open backup #188766 for reading 189104|SERVERNAME   VMwareIncr   09-11-16 21:15  19086MB  Failed to open backup #189104… Read More »