Barracuda Failed to open backup # for reading

By | September 13, 2016

Barracuda, System: Recovery 813, version: 8.2.0-6.201509121625

Problem: Archive Job reports failure, Failed to open backup #(######) for reading.

188495|SERVERNAME   VMwareFull   09-10-16 02:35  54330MB  Failed to open backup #188495 for reading
188766|SERVERNAME   VMwareIncr   09-10-16 21:13  19059MB  Failed to open backup #188766 for reading
189104|SERVERNAME   VMwareIncr   09-11-16 21:15  19086MB  Failed to open backup #189104 for reading


The archiving process creates a list of backups that are to be archived. It can be the case that while the Archive system is processing these backups for archiving, that one of your scheduled backups occurs. If a backup occurs the old backup is removed and a new one is created. The running archiver will then be unable to find the backup to archive since its name/location has changed since the initial list was created.


The proper solution would be to analyze your schedules and clean them up to prevent this type of overlap.

An additional or alternative solution if that is unfeasible for whatever reason – would be to change the Storage Manager / ProtectArchiveBackups from False to True.  This setting will tell the backup system to retain the backups that are currently being archived.

You could create additional problems by making this configuration change so monitor it through the week. For example, if you are toeing the line on your storage – limitations could now be exceeded because of the increased data used by the retained backup existing while a new backup and archive runs – this could eventually cause backups to fail until corrected. So, again, best course of action is to correct your scheduling.

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