Obo matrix sequencer, standalone

By | February 1, 2010

The Stretta Procedure released a clone of the simple Tonematrix Flash synth┬áthat he has dubbed ‘obo’, which itself is a clone of hardware devices like the Monome/Tenori-on. It’s a simple matrix sequencer with a built in synthesizer, but Stretta has also added MIDI out/sync/scaling to it. Unfortunately it’s only for Mac/OSX as a standalone app, so limited few of us will get to enjoy it (have to admit to dusting off my macbook just for this app), but regardless of that it’s a fun tool worth pointing out to those who missed it being posted last April. Thanks Stretta! More information and download @ http://stretta.blogspot.com/2009/04/obo.html


If you like tonematrix, but would prefer something standalone, with MIDI output, sync and tweakable note assignments, you can download this standalone application for MacOS X. It is free! Enjoy! – Stretta

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