Rooting the Coby Kyros 8024

By | August 7, 2011

A coworker recently picked one of these up. Currently there are no official releases of Cyanogenmod or anything else for the Kyros, so the next best thing is just to root  it since its basically running a vanilla Android 2.2 already. I was going to simplify and post the detailed steps it took to root the Coby Kyros 8024 using ADB from the Android SDK because looking around the net all signs pointed to negative in using Superoneclick or any other program to root it automatically.  In fact, the only information I could find for the 8024 all suggested to use the manual method for rooting it, with the same steps described for the popular first gen Kyros 7015.

Turns out the latest version of Superoneclick released 2nd August 2011 works just fine (because it now uses an updated 2.2 exploit for rooting that should work on ALL Gingerbread Android devices). I already had Googles’ USB driver and ADB in place from screwing around with my Nook and from programming APK’s in Processing, but Superoneclick comes with ADB so I do not think you need to install the full Android SDK or JAVA ADK. However, you will need Googles USB driver which is a part of the SDK installer.  There are easy to follow instructions for installing the USB Driver and Android SDK on the Cyanogenmod website. .

Once you have the USB Driver working and your Tablet connected (as verified in those instructions), all you need to do is download the latest version of Superoneclick (as of this writing, its version 2.1.1) and run it. From that point on its pretty self-explanitory… all you have to do is click a few buttons. Many thanks to it’s developer for making this process absurdly simple.

You can find Superoneclick and further information here:

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