_deviceImage-0.iso was not found while deploying OVF (or OVA)

By | May 12, 2016

Minor issue, but slowed me down. Seems so simple after the fact. Also, sort of a follow-up to unsupported hardware errors previously covered.

Recently while deploying an OVA that I created and tested on another host (ESXi 5.5), I was presented with the error:

File ds:///vmfs/volumes/52c252-0b-bf765663-bffd-0026b95-d10a0/_deviceImage-0.iso was not found

Expecting I left a .ISO mounted (even though I had NOT checked the option to “include image files attached to floppy and CD/DVD devices in the OVF package”) I extracted the OVF from the OVA using 7zip, opened it up and took a look. Sure enough, the CD-ROM still had vmware.cdrom.iso defined in it. No idea how it occurred. VMWare Tools had been installed for days and the entire system, including the host had been restarted, etc. But anyways, a quick search showed me to replace the entry with vmware.cdrom.remotepassthrough. Afterwards I had to update the hash in the manifest file as I previously explained here the ovf package requires unsupported hardware

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