Putty Connection Manager

By | January 21, 2016

Tabbed view, session manager, etc. Free. Not bad. Gave up on commercial BS like SecureCRT & Reflections years ago (unless work will pay for it). Can’t be bothered. Don’t know why I didn’t think to look for a putty session manager until now, but I’m glad I did.

Some things it do.

1.Display Multiple PuTTY Sessions in Tab
2.Dockable Windows for PuTTY Sessions
3.Multi Command Sender (MCS)
4.Encrypted PuTTY Configuration Database
5.Automatic PuTTY Session Login
6.PuTTY Session Post-Login Commands

The original host has been down for ages apparently. But, there are all kinds of mirrors. You can find a download here on unixmantra’s write up:  http://www.unixmantra.com/2013/04/putty-connection-manager-tabbed-putty.html


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