Bliptronic 5000 progress

By | January 14, 2010

This isnt a development of my own but its a topic I’ve been watching heavily since the Bliptronic 5000 came out (and I ordered one). Finally someone has done the ground work.. Will Lindsay @ the Stray Technologies website has done a full pin out (see picture below) and testing of the board in order to attach a Arduino, or A_SID, YM, (or whatever else .. you get the point) to it and make it sexy. Check out his site/post for more info. There is also some useful info @ electro-music’s forum, here.

I’ll be updating this post with future links.

Additional info:, not much there yet but you can download a .pdf of the Bliptronic’s CPU Board Mechanicals.
Hacklab Perth – Projects:Bliptronic Arduinome (WIKI)
Youtube – Bliptronic MIDI Sync circuit – schematics and PIC program posted online.

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